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Our Core Values

Concierge-Level Client Experience

Team Based Approach – We streamline roles within our team that allows specialization and a structured process to expediate client service and tailored client focus.

Technology – We have access to best in breed technology services that provides solutions in our ever-changing industry.

Community – We focus on how we can positively impact our clients and community by hosting educational seminars, client appreciation and community service events.

Trust & Integrity

Fiduciary Standard – Our advisors conduct business in an honest, unbiased and ethical way. Our advisors adhere to the Fiduciary standard and always put the client’s best interests ahead of our own.

Transparency & Clear Communication – We believe transparency and clear communication enhances client and advisor trust.

Building Lasting Relationships – Our focus is to build lasting relationships by actively listening and truly getting to know the client and all aspect of their lives.

Provide Customized Solutions to Achieve Clients' Financial Independence

Financial Planning – We take a comprehensive view our client’s financial picture to help strategize and implement a plan to help achieve financial independence.

Diverse Investment Selection – We strive to keep up with the ever-changing market environment by offering our clients a wide array of investment solutions that is tailored to client’s specific needs. 

Knowledgeable Team – Sovereign is focused on building the most knowledgeable, qualified people to support our client’s needs.